Ability to submit offers on Tavern Heroes
over 1 year ago

It would be great to be able to submit offers on Tavern heroes similar to the way you can on OpenSea.

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about 1 year ago

Would also be great if using the offer feature, you could check/uncheck “Open to Offers” on unlisted heros so that people could still send offers on heros not in the tavern. Its annoying that you can list and train heros at the same time so this would solve that problem

about 1 year ago

Just like eBay, there should be a way where you can accept/decline best offer on Tavern.

I need that badly…
Would allow us to price as high as we want and decline lowballs, then negotiate down back at the middle.
Pull the bid up and drive our ask down.
There could be an offer cooldown to fend off spamming. 1 hour? 12 hour? 24 hour?

Let the chain serve as your escrow -> burn Jewel and more power token with these transactions.

over 1 year ago

Lovely idea - but i don’t want to slow the team down on whatever else they are working on. That being said, I love the idea, so how could this be implemented and how long would it take the team to do? Let’s examine…

This idea might seem simple enough but are there any unforeseen aspects that would increase complexity and make it prohibitively complicated?

Flow Chart
So you submit the offer. Does this require you to set the jewel aside into a holding address? If not, what happens if the offer is accepted but you no longer have the crystal? Just a big waste of the Seller’s time, pondering it over, only to find out you don’t have any money now? That’s just NOT going to work for sellers.

Solution - you are going to have to set this money aside somehow. One way to do that would be to send it to a DFK wallet and maintain a simple table of who sent. Would this be a current wallet or a new wallet? I am not sure. DFK would know which way to go with that aspect.

When an offer is made, the Crystal or Jade will be placed in the holding address with a note of your address. When the offer is accepted, A tentative ACCEPTANCE REQUESTED state is entered, whose purpose is to prevent processing a transaction that was already cancelled in teh same block by some of the nodes. Then, after it is fully confirmed by all nodes and moved to ACCEPTANCE REQUESTED, the next step in the process will be to complete the transaction, and the user can click a button that says FINALIZE TRANSACTION. Then, it will withdraw the funds and wrap the tx. .

Okay, so that part seems simple enough… if the offer is declined, a similar process can begin for the user to reclaim their funds.

Okay so what if the offer isn’t accepted or declined? You are without your funds. Time continues to pass.

What if the price of crystal or jade changes in that period? Not a big deal, just your crystal or jade will gain or lose value. In the meantime its just currency wasted, not being put to use, but i guess that’s okay. So money will go to this 0x, and just sit there idle, while sellers consider offers (or doesn’t see it yet).

Okay so what if you change your mind and want to get your money back during that period? That could be simple too, you submit a cancellation request. Upon request, DFK verifies if funds are in the 0x still, and if so, the cancellation process begins. Status changes immediately to CANCEL REQUESTED. No acceptance of the offer can occur now. Then, the funds are sent to the would-be Buyer after all the nodes have realized this cancellation request - then a command to send the funds to your BUYER 0x is initiated and funds are officially refunded. This would prevent any issues with a type of double-spend here, since some nodes may not have have knowledge of the intent to cancel yet and process a sale otherwise. Again, the DFK team would know how to handle this already…
Okay, so far so good on security/blockchain-finality-type issues… I am trying to think of any other issues here. Can you guys help point them out?

Let’s talk about ART/GUI.

There will have to be some dialogue boxes added to represent in game orders you have placed. Inside of the Tavern, there might be a box you click or box to check called Offers or Orders. It would be a list of the wallet address mentioned earlier, IF your address is listed as a sender of any holdings, THEN print those offers into the “Offers” GUI for user to see. The only option for these would be to CANCEL which intitiates the process listed above. There could be another option called REVISE OFFER if the team thinks that could be securely implemented.

I don’t think the GUI for this dialogue box would take very long. I actually think this could be a great UX/QoL feature that would increase tavern sales and therefore bring profitability to the buyers, sellers, and DeFiKingdoms with the 3.5% and maybe offers like this could be bumped up to 5% to allow for the team to fund this additional project or something.

Let me know if you think I missed anything here.


Jasper T
over 1 year ago

Absolutely. It would also be great to be able to set up a timed auction where you set a minimum - ebay style.

Steve M
over 1 year ago

Agreed, this would really help materialize the true worth of the Heroes.